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Bad Carrot Studios

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 This image is a self-portrait done by Cricket, a full-time human. 

Bad Carrot Studios is Cricket: a trans non-binary person (they/them pronouns) who illustrates, voice acts, and is involved in other creative pursuits

A graduate of SCAD, Cricket has been working as an artist professionally since 2010. 

They love working with themes of Magic, Music, and a bit of Mayhem for their art prints and stickers. Themes include LGBTQIA+, witches, videogames, puns, K-pop, World of Warcraft, and TTRPGs to name a few!


They are a resident of Los Angeles, CA since 2020. 

Check out their social media for news on projects, upcoming events, and conventions! 

Ways to Help & Support

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Ko-Fi: Monthly or one-time support with different reward tiers 

Throne: A Wishlist with gifts from practical to fanciful

TikTok: Daily shenanigans, silliness, and sometimes serious

Twitch: Live streaming drawing sessions

Voice Acting Demo Reel & Resume

Instagram: Works in Progress mixed with more shenanigans 

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