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The FULL set! Collect all seven member of the K-pop band BTS (Bangtan Boys or 방탄소년단) in this whimsicalmagical series featuring members of the band as themed witches. There are tons of visual easter eggs for fans to decipher and enjoy. Can you spot them? Perfect for any ARMY's collection!

RM: Book Witch

Jin: Kitchen Witch

Suga: Music Witch

J-Hope: Sunflower Witch

Jimin: Crystal Witch

V: Space Witch

JK: Honeybee Witch


  • Downloadable as a zip file
  • 3 variations for each member:

        Phone: 640x960 px

        Desktop: 1920x1037 px

        Tablet: 800x1280 px

BONUS Desktop image of all members (1920x1037 px)

BTS Members Witchy Digital Wallpapers | 22 Pack

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